Sitemap - 2022 - Ajay Kamalakaran’s Newsletter

What is Delhi?

Delhi Diaries: Getting around

Interesting company on the August Kranti Express

One day!

An autumn dance with death

Hyderabad: A foot in Southeast Asia?

Happy Birthday, Tamara Vasilevna

Musings from Hyderabad- Life in the metro

A flag in every home!

In remembrance of the great Mariyumma Maliekkal

Just one of those Bombay things

Weaponising the basic human right of travel

My beloved Sri Lanka- What's next?

Life without auto rickshaws

When the visit of Comrades Bulganin and Khrushchev to Poona amused the West

And the Bombay Monsoons are here

Observations from train journeys

Getting a glimpse of the "real" Goa

Inherited memories of Goa

A Swan Song to Calicut

Malabar Diaries: Cosmpolitanism, capitalism and communism

Book Review: And in the End

Malabar Diaries: The other side of 'idyllic Kerala'

Malabar Diaries: First impressions of Calicut

Book Review: The Thinnai

A train journey to commence my Malabar Summer

36 hours in Guwahati

Notes from Tawang: Borders, wars and human lives

Thoughts on life in Tawang

Notes from Tawang: Tough hikes and annoying visitors

Thoughts on Tezpur

Tawang calling: A Journey into the Eastern Himalayas- Part 2

Tawang calling: A Journey into the Eastern Himalayas- Part 1

From the Arabian Sea to the Brahmaputra: Travel in the era of unreliable connectivity

The Indian airline conundrum

All in the name of development

Foreign criticism of India

Rediscovering the joy of rail journeys

The mystery of an Ilya Repin reproduction in Baroda