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Interesting account of your impressions of Brest. It is associated in my reading of diplomatic history with the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk of March 1918, under which Russian imperial territories including Ukraine were handed over to the German aligned Central Powers. As with most things related to international relations, the treaty of Brest-Litovsk was overtaken by the Versailles Treaty of June 1919, which made Germany the defeated power! But the experience of a disastrous WW1 campaign by Russia's Tsarist empire has spawned so many issues that are discussed today in Europe including the former Ottoman territories. As a footnote, I am continuously intrigued by the bizarre fact that the British Minister of War Lord Kitchener died en route by ship to Russia during WW1. Ostensibly, his mission was to bolter Russia's military production capacities! Kitchener is a larger than life figure in diplomatic history, too. He is credited with modernizing the British Indian Army by merging the three Presidency Armies into one structure.

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Thank you. I will read up more on Lord Kitchener.

I honestly wish I could have spent a few more days in Brest. One more dispatch is coming though.

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